G-Men in the Strange Aeon

August 22, 2010

OIS agents came to retrieve the body of the stranger in the park. He and his peek were taken back to headquarters for analysis. Agents Meyer, Liger and Oma went on to the awaiting military transport to the Greater Ohio Areas Sprawl (GOAS).

Upon landing the were met by a local OIS agent who escorted them into the arcology where Lejunes husband was housed. Agents Oma and Liger, who was still bearing the visage of the husband, took position in the apartment while Meyer took position as a building security officer.

It wasn’t long before a disheveled Veronicke entered the building and up the super-elevator. Meyer signaled the team that she is on the way. The agents upstairs prepared themselves for her arrival. Moments later, the apartment door buckled and blew into the front room.

Anger, dispair, fear and uncertainty emanated from her presence, though the emotions felt forced and unnatural. Oma began attempts to negate her uncontrolled emotions and Liger ran into the master bedroom to draw her into sniper fire, woeful orb in tow. Using powerful telekinesis, Lejune struck out at Oma while he exerted his emotional influence until she has only a core of pure anger. Liger pulled her attention from the bedroom, drawing her farther in. Meanwhile, Meyer hurried up to the apartment to help.

In a physicall and mentally straining effort, Oma breached the hard core of anger, and Veronicke dropped to the floor. In her place—a stunned, dark, semi-corporeal creature of otherworldly shape that was slowly becoming solid. Drawing upon what he already knew about Lejune, and taking in was transpiring, Liger deduced the nature of the creature. It was a parasite that amplified and fed upon the emotions of its host. When separated from a host and in a corporeal form, the entity was vulnerable to physical attacks, and also to psychic influence.

A blast from Ligers woeful orb stuns the creature and slows its formation just as Meyer arrived. Oma felt the creatures anger, uncertainty and a hunger, but nothing like he’s ever felt from a human or nazzadi. He set into it with his emotional projection, damaging it’s essence. Liger ripped a bullet through it’s body as it completed its corporeal transition.

While the agents were busy with the entity, Veronicke, now in control of her own emotions, shattered the bedroom window and escaped. With the creature incapacitated, the agents opted to neutralize the otherworldly creature instead of pursuing the escaped para psychic.



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