G-Men in the Strange Aeon

August (we miss you) 15th

Pimp Lord Liger strikes out.

Agents Meyer and Liger underwent retraining for the OIS. Immediately following they were summoned to Director Thatchers (the Director In Charge, or DIC) where they were introduced to their new team mate, a parapsychic by the name of Oma.

Agent Shon Bon-hwa was tracking Veronike Lejeune, a wife and mother whose emerging parapsychic abilities erupted in a violent and bloody event which caused her to flee from authorities and her family. Strong telekinesis was observed and possibly some sensory faculties had developed. Her family had been moved to Cleveland under protective custody of the OIS. A tip had come in that a woman matching her description was spotted at a warehouse located in the fringe of the western Chicago sprawl commonly referred to as the Industrial Barrens. Agent Shon had taken a handful of tactical units to the site to try and apprehend Lejeune before she could hurt anyone else. It got ugly and Lejeune escaped. A few days later, Agent Shon disappeared.

Agent Marcus Liger: Occult Scholar. Agent Liger suspected that Lejeune would try to make contact with her family. He proposed that an agent bearing the visage of Lejeune’s husband be re-inserted into their usual routine in the hopes that she could be brought in when contact was made. Utilizing the resources of the OIS, he set the sting in motion with himself as the bait.

Agent Leopold Meyer: Veteran Detective. Agent Meyer set about tracing Shons list of people contacted throughout the course of his investigation.

Agent Oma: Parapsychic. Agent Oma pulled a familiar name from Shons list, and headed out to the Industrial Barrens where he knew Timana, leader of “The Famli”, could be found. The Famli is a territorial gang of young nazzadi homeless and runaways, to which Oma belonged, who squat in the Barrens near where Lejeune was confronted. Timana confesses to being the source of Agent Shon’s last tip off, and agreed to send scouts around the Barrens to see if she could be found hiding someplace else.

A couple of days after, the agents were called to the DICs office to be told that Agent Shon had been found. Lejeune had kidnapped and tortured him until he revealed the location where her husband and children had been taken. With Agent Liger still holding the visage of Lejeune’s husband, the agents immediately made a plan to fly to Cleveland and “put a Liger in the tank”. While en-route to the transport, Agents Meyer and Oma spotted a man watching them closely from across the nearby park. Oma found his face vaguely familiar, and touched his emotions to find them nervous and uncertain. Suspecting the person might be trying to make contact with the agents, Oma bluffed an excuse to remove himself from the group to try and bring the guy in. Unfortunately the man spooked and ran. Oma and Meyer immediately set off after him while Agent Liger attempted to distract and seduce their liasion, Agent Allison Vasquez. Oma andMeyer caught up to the runner in the center of a crowd where a very large man was picking a fight with him. Agent Oma attempted to pacify anger in both of them, but only half succeeded, and the fleeing man was knocked cold. Meyer managed to revive him, but the guy panicked and slipped himself a cyanide capsule. The only thing of use that was recovered was the mans personal PCPU.

Oh. And Marcus did NOT score the digits.



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