G-Men in the Strange Aeon

Game Log July 5th

Leo gets a bum leg

Leo & Eddie talk to Ms. Ibenez (Naked News reporter). She was asked about Rachel VanDeen, Sjourd Voss, and the Bodyguard without results. She did mention a “dirty old man” that shows up periodically. Tony “The Rod”s fingerprints were found in her dressing room but are possibly unrelated. (Then again…)

Leo contacts a legal drug dealer he knows, Vreta. Vreta points them to Barry Levinsvitz who delivers drugs from time to time to Sjourd’s apartment. Leo and Eddie visit Barry. Leo bounces off of Barry’s reinforced doors. Barry runs and Eddie chases him down in an alley. After shaking him down a bit, Barry also mentions the “dirty man”. Eddie arrests Barry.

Back at headquarters, reports are filed on findings. Eddie and Marcus interrogate Barry and show him pictures of Voss’ knows associates and he points out the “dirty man” but as of yet he has no known criminal record. The agency technicians are tasked with locating him.

In the meantime Leo, Eddie, & August develop a plan to either bug Voss’ next limosine, or sabotage the car and create a disturbance with the aim of shaking a reaction out of the bodyguard.



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