G-Men in the Strange Aeon

July 11th

Just outrun the hooker

Excerpt from the journal of August X. After what seems like an eternity of kicking over rocks, we FINALLY interceped Sjourd Voss’ girlfriend, Rachel VanDeen. Leo (I’m not sure if he is ok with being called Leo. Making a point to ask his cat. Does he have a cat? If he doesn’t have a cat, I know where we can get one…no…no, wait. That place is closed now.) managed to persuade her into giving us some information. Rachel admits no memory to the public breakup that occurred a few weeks prior, and when faced with video documentation, she assumed it was falsified. However, I think she really likes my blue coat. She mentioned that a strange man visits Sjourd when people aren’t around, and that she tries to avoid him because she gets a weird vibe off of him. Showing her a photo of the “dirty man” that the tech gremlins back at the office are tracing, she positively identified him as the same man. Said his name was Eric.

Eric, Eric, Eric. Why does that sound familiar? ericericerichericericericerichericericericericheric UNNGH! I need a smoke.


Better now. I will have to save Eric for the couch this week. It’s not a blue couch. Shame. I will take some paint. Oh, this was a surprise! Leopold actually managed to get full sanction for bugging one of the limousines and installing a D-Engine Remote Interrupt Protocol (DRIP) device (my own design-and BLUE!). Marcus planted an attuned object in the car (I think we settled on one of the stock crystal tumblers from the mini-bar), and Leopold planted a bug. We’ve also posted a couple of plain-clothes agents near Voss’ apartment to keep an eye out for Er…um….the “dirty man”.

Early next morning Leopold and I were called out of bed. He smells like bourbon and doesn’t look like he’s slept. And his coat is rumpled. Ugh. Wrinkles. Mental note: iron EVERYTHING when I get home! And why he wears that thing inside the arcology I will never understand. When I ask him about it, he mumbles something about being ‘hard boiled’. As if eggs had anything to do with this. Really.

Anyway, seems Marcus and “guest” were attacked in an alley by a figure in a trenchcoat. How cliche. I bet it was rumpled. I don’t think Evidence would mind if I ironed what was left of it. So, Marcus managed to call in backup and a squad killed whatever it was. Because whatever it was, it was not human. Around the bullet and needle holes, we can tell that it was one ugly fucker [omit that from final report] and it had tentacles. Tentacles. Tentacles like…they remind me of those things…at…Juneau tentaclestentaclestentaclesjuneautentaclestentaclesjuneaujuneautentaclesjuneaujuneau UNNGH! Ok. Smoke.


Wonder if we can connect the creature to the cult that Professor Bartlett was on about? If we can positively connect them to Sjourd Voss, we might have what we need to get official warrants on his activities. Heading to the dispensary. Need more cannabis.



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