G-Men in the Strange Aeon

July 25th

"You're suspended, Meyer!" and Ligers are bred for their skills in magic.

Federal Security Bureau Los Angeles Arcology Office

Case File: A2356IO9-E7
From the desk of August Conroy
Final case file report

Investigation of the crime scene at which FSB Agent Marcus Liger was assaulted by the unidentifed bioform turned up little evidence. Items recovered from the scene are as follows: (1) brimmed hat-brown in color; (1) partially torn long coat-brown in color; holes in coat in evidence of the assault by the powered armor units employed to disable the target bioform; (1) sunglasses-black in color, broken; (1) entry ticket stub-Sandys Red-Hot All Night Cabaret; (1) Doorman® brand entry key-card; (27) agent photographs of crime scene and target bioform (post-mortem).

Following investigation at the scene of the assult, Agent Meyer took the Doorman® brand entry key-card to the residence of Sjourd Voss in an attempt to ascertain if the key card belonged at his location so that it could be returned to its rightful owner. Investigation proved positive. Disciplinary action for Agent Meyer enforced. (See report issued by Assistant Directors Office).

Agent Liger and I procured one pair of event tickets for the Sjourd Voss concert (Procurement Authorization A28450-8), and took them to Professor Bartlett as a gesture of the FSB’s gratitude for his aid in consultation on this case. He was presented with photographs of the previously documented bioform. His professional conjecture is that the bioform is likely to be the same as recorded upon a cave painting dated back to approximately 600 B.C. (see Article In Evidence #9b) found in the region currently known as Cyprus. Connection with the previously documented ‘Summoning Cult’ is thought to be likely, but unproven at this time. Professor Bartlett also offered intelligence that a manuscript documenting the rituals of said cult are rumored to exist, but also cannot be proven at this time.

Agent Liger was assaulted en-route to his residence by a person of magical means. Agent Liger fended off the assault upon his person and apprehended the suspect, remanding him to the custody of FSB agents for booking. The suspect was positively identified as Eric Moen (see suspect dossier), and the same named person of interest that this investigation has been attempting to locate.

Prior to interrogation, agents from the [CLASSIFIED] arrived and assumed possession of all suspects, documentation, evidence, and materials relating to this case.

No further reports



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