G-Men in the Strange Aeon

October 3, 2010

On combat, and the importance of cover

We opened with Oma out cold, having been tazed in the head, and Marcus headed up the stairs to try and rescue him.

Using his authority and a measure of intimidation, Agent Liger pushed his way past the bouncers in the hall and into an outer office where he was confronted by a couple of guards bearing down. Ligers woeful orb immediately stunned one, and Marcus subdued the other at gunpoint. Next, faced with a locked door, he blew out the lock and stepped into the inner sanctum where a handful of guards pointing guns and surrounding a desk. Oma sat slumped in a chair with his back to the door.

Marcus put away his gun and addressed the men as to their intentions with Oma. A smartly dressed man behind the desk stood and said “he’s causing me some trouble in my club. Please,
have seat.” Liger refused to sit and their dialog continued. The man (presumably this was Gianni Reiner) seemed concerned about the amount of attention being paid to Plasma and how the eilite that attend might react to the news of the downstairs fight that would surely make the newsfeeds.

Oma began to come around as Gianni began asking what kind of investigation was being made at his club, offically or unofficially. Slowly, as his senses returned, a din of noise and thought built up in his head to a crescendo as the thoughts of all those in the area flooded into his head. As the wave crested, he sent out to Agent Meyer, who was still outside looking for a way in, “Get me the fuck out of here!” and the noise of a thousand thoguhts crashed down. Reiners eyes began to glow as Oma cluched his head and screaming “SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” The shreiking thought waved out, and all but Marcus and Reiner reeled from the shock.

“What have you done to him?” yelled Liger, and it seemed everyone jumped into action. Gianni produced a detailed illusion—a serpentine dragon rose from nowhere and the rooms lights go dark.
Oma immediately lashes out at the nearest guard, Vincent, as Marcus’ orb attempts to strike the dragon with little effect. Oma all but finishes off Vincent with a stab to the gut as the man tries to shoot him in the head.

Reiner spotlights the agents, making them targets to the gunfire of the now recovered guards.
Liger took an opportunity to dive for the back of the desk, through the dragon, and underneath to cover. The other bouncers fire, one killing Vincent in an ill-aimed shot. Liger took a hard round from Damon, seriously wounding him, and he crawled further beneath the desk for cover. The dragon shot photons under the desk,missing Liger, and Damon—following a shock from the orb—attempted to destroy it.

Leo arrived, blasting one bouncer in the back with a shotgun. Damon shoots out Ligers orb and Oma moves toward a darkened corner, slicing and looking for Reiner. Leo blasts the nearest bouncer dead. Reiner moved out of his veil of darkness and shot a blast of photons at Meyer.
Oma ran in and stabbed Riener, dodging a blast from the dragon. Unfortunately, Damon shot Oma square on, crippling the Nazzadi, and reiner moved back under the cover of his darkened wall, while Marcus continued to hide under the desk. Meyer turned his gun on another bouncer, but his shotgun suffered a serious malfunction.

With the distraction of nearby Oma swinging at him and is bleeding wound, Reiner dropped his photokinetic effects. The lights came on and the dragon disappeared. Leo tackled Damon and tried his gun. The shotgun sounded off, wounding Damon. Reiner produced a knife and stabs Oma who gargled “aaaarrrgh!” and passes out. Leo knocked out Damon with another shotgun round, and is quickly finished off by Liger under the desk. Reiner shoots a photon at Leo and moves to the door yelling “Shoot this mutha fucka!”

Liger crawled out and scored a lucky shot on Reiner, dropping him to the ground. Leo grit his teeth at the remaining bouncer, and the guy ran from the office. Meyer applied first aid to Oma, barely keeping him alive. However, the multiple head traumas caused Oma to fall into a deep coma.


Top drawer as always. Thanks again!

October 3, 2010

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