G-Men in the Strange Aeon

Sept 11, 2010

Fun with Gravikinesis

The agents returned to Chicago after wrapping up the scene in GOAS. Veronicke Lejune was assumed to have fled the area and could not be traced at that time.

After a short time spent catching up on their personal affairs, the agents followed up on what leads remained. The John Doe that committed suicide in the park was identified as Adam Aardvarkssön…no, wait…Drizzt Do’Urden (REALLY? I mean REALLY?). He was a bartender. OIS investigations turned up some strange activities in his recent history, including an unusually high attendance to theater plays, and a large deposit made to (what turned out to be) a shell company that traced back to the Venture Capital Corporation (VCC). Surveillance of the theaters that he frequented revealed that a high number or sorcerers were attending the same shows repeatedly, including one unregistered sorcerer, Alexander Grossman. Study of Grossman’s records showed a similar large deposit to VCC’s shell company. The agents resolved to attend one of the next shows to see what might shake loose.

In the meantime Oma spent some time researching recorded cases of parapsychic study in an effort to broaden his understanding of them. Marcus Liger filed his encyclopedic and firsthand knowledge of the parasitic creature they had faced, and then sequestered himself in his ritual space and prepared some spells he thought might be useful. Leopold Meyer visited the financial office that handled the accounts of the VCC shell company. He discovered that deposits of similar size from many private individuals were made to this account, but nothing was ever withdrawn. He pulled the local address for this company and went to investigate their office outside of the District of Chicago arcology. The building turned out to be a an old boarded up warehouse.

Acutely aware of the possibility of ninjas, Meyer thoroughly searched the building. His epic search turned up a rusty shuriken (no doubt a devious ninja trap, a ancient turd, an odd shoe print, and a lapel pin bearing the tribal symbol of an old druidic family. He left the building, no doubt with deadly ninja eyes watching.

The agents hit the next theater event. Meyer, Liger and Oma arrived separately to avoid notice. Most showed surreptitiously, but Oma attempted to draw the high profile element and showed up with an air of “Fuck yeah!” and noticed.

Shortly after taking his seat, a young (and we mean “young”) struck up conversation; she was obviously “very” into Omwa..“moist” would be the word. They discussed psychic registration, and it seems the young girl, Melissa, was and elemental para psychic specializing in gravikinesis. And oh so naughty!

The show started and the play turned out rather mediocre. Oma was extending his empathic senses
while Liger watched from the mezzanine with his magical faculties. With the darkened for the
show, Meyer was left to focus on the play.

Agent Ligers account
Agent Meyers account
Agent Omas account



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