G-Men in the Strange Aeon

September 19, 2010

And some shit happend

After reviewing the accounts of the theater investigation, Agent Meyer had other surveillance of Grossman analyzed for patterns. Melissa Chantilly appeared in his footage along with other known sorcerers that had made payments to the VCC. They centered on a popular club Plasma. In surveillance, Grossman seemed like he was getting comped at the club—cross referencing his appearances at the club, it appeared that his appearance at Plasma coincided with his purchase of the society ticket.

The investigators made plans to check out Plasma.

Showing the bouncer his magical “eyes”,Liger strode straight into the club without question.
Oma latched on to two hotties and finessed his way in, after an unfortunate power failure.

Plasma was made mostly of glass walls that partitioned the club and sported plasma lighting effects between the panes. Reflective surfaces and trendy furniture for effect. Two staircases lead to an upper floor, each watched by a bouncer, that presumably led to VIP rooms, and the club offices. 2085 pop club music thumping loud, nasssty girls dancin’ on the floor.

On his way to the club, Leopold Meyer received intelligence from headquarters that the marked lapel pin was found to have DNA traces of a Gianni Reiner-a dangerous parapsychic and owner of Plasma. The family crest on the pin belonged to Reiners line.

Agent Meyer passed a warning to Liger via secure terminal. Liger also found Grossman was present and
approached him at the bar, trying to convince him that he was a friend of a friend and asking about the pass. He succeeded in getting Grossman to accept his story, and Grossman shared what he knew.

Meanwhile, Agent Meyer attempted to talk his way in the front door, and eventually flashed his OIS badge stating that Reiner has asked him to come. Oma attempted to help Meyer enter but without a good view of the situation, wasn’t able to assist much. A well dressed man came downstairs and talked with Meyer, refused his story and asked him to leave. Back inside Agents Liger and Oma met up inside, and the briefly conferred. With an idea to get around upstairs and snoop, Oma and Liger a patsy, then said “hold my drink, watch this”. Oma approached a guy on the dance floor and shouldered him, getting the guy a bit angry. Using his empathic influence Oma played him into believing that the bouncer by the stairs called his momma some unsavory names. Once he bought that, oma pushed his anger up into rage, and the guy charged, fighting like a wildcat. Bouncers from all over moved to intercept him. With all the staff distracted, Oma moved up the stairs.

Near the top was the well dressed suit that had turned Meyer away.
Trying to move like he belonged there, Oma turned down a hallway, only to be tased in the back of the head. Once down, the man moved in and pistol whipped him to make sure he was out. Seeing this, Liger moved in to help.



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