G-Men in the Strange Aeon

The Story So Far

As agents of the FSB, the DC’s were dispatched to investigate a rock star of recent fame, Sjourd Voss. Agency “watchdogs” had identified a possible cult symbol used in some material promoting a concert tour. Voss’s breakup with his high profile girlfriend, model Rachel VanDeen, was a public spectacle, and the media followers were shocked to see the two of them making recent public appearances together.

Voss had also gained an unidentified bodyguard who remains a mystery despite current investigations. He is described as large figure in a long coat, brimmed hat, and sunglasses. He speaks to no one and exudes a sense of malice.

Other intelligence also notes that although Voss is unregistered as a sorcerer, he has been receiving periodic deliveries of magical components and supplies.

The team planned to intercept Ms. VanDeen after her regular therapy appointment, one of the few places they were sure the might speak with her without Sjourd or his entourage around. That was a couple days off still, so Marcus and August tracked down Voss at an exclusive club, TNH, where he was hosting the latest leg of his perpetual party in a VIP room. They were able to confirm only that there was something definitely not right with the bodyguard and his mystical presence is strangely void.

Meanwhile Leo staked out Voss’s residence. When the party train returned to home, Leo spoke with a couple of the drivers and managed to shake loose a few names. He set out the next day to speak with Ms. Ibanez, host of “The Naked News” program as well as one of his old beat contacts on the street.

Marcus also paid a visit to his old Defense Against the Dark Arts err… college magical studies professors, Professor Bartlett. Bartlett told Marcus that the symbol identified in Voss’s concert poster belonged to an ancient cult know to deal with ritual summoning, and their appearance in history usually correlated to the disappearance of civilizations.



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