August Conroy

Archanotechnician. Agent for the FSB. Slightly damaged and obsessive.


Slim, tall, dark haired human male. 30-ish.

As a mental crutch, August always wears sunglasses as a barrier between him and the outside world as he sees it.

He is sometimes obsessive in his thoughts and may lash out it interruptions or distractions.

He prefers to use his own long-time therapist.

To help keep his thoughts from over-compulsion, August regularly takes marijuana.


Worked for the Ashcroft Foundation as a field engineer annexed to the military. Was stationed at Juneau when the Alaskan city fell to the Migou. The shock, coupled with the typical mental strain of dealing with Archanotech on a daily basis, has upset his mental stablility, although therapy and guidance from his few friends and psychiatrist has helped return him to a functional lifestyle.

August’s parents lived on the Eastern coast of the US/Canada. There has been no contact with them for some time, and communication with the region has been blocked by the government.

August Conroy

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