Marcus Liger

Short and thin with long red hair kept in a pony tail with a couple of chops the likes of which haven't been seen since Elvis. Bred for his magical skills.


Marcus Conroy is a fresh faced graduate who thinks he can change the world. His ideas are what some people would call big and still others would call crazy. He’s got strong opinions on what should be legal, namely magic. As far as he is concerned all of the new advances that allow the war to even be fought are due to experimentation with magic and it’s the way to win it. As long as the experimentation and experimenters are watched carefully progress could rapidly be made.

The vehemence that he communicates these ideas coupled with his inability to see the point of view of anyone else makes dealing with him a pain in the ass. Furthermore he has little respect for authority and no tolerance for taking orders he thinks are stupid. He is however highly intelligent and well educated and respected in his fields. Those who have managed to earn it are treated with respect others not so much.

He is a known practitioner of magick and isn’t shy about it. He willing accepts the drawbacks as well worth the benefits he and the people he helps protects draw from it. His strong opinions are derived from a love for personal freedom and and a love for life that he sees being threatened by the new foes humanity is facing.

Marcus Liger

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