Nazzadi parapsychic working for the OIS


OIS Agent

Power Groups
Primary – Manipulative
Secondary – Sensory
Tertiary – Environmental
Tertiary – Somatic

Empathic Projection

XP Expenditures (80/70)
Intelligence to 6 – 25 xp
Empathy to Adept – 20 xp
New skill – Telepathy – 20 xp
New skill – Paraspychology – 5 xp

  • Guardian
  • Street Hood
  • Morally Ambiguous

In any past worth remembering, Oma lived was a homeless street hood living with a caste of runaway nazzadi children in an abandoned tenement on the industrial barrens of the city surrounding the Chicago arcology. They called themselves “The Famli”. As one of the older boys, Oma robbed and stole to feed and cloth the younger kids. Fought to keep them from harm, and ran interference to keep them from jail when they garnered too much attention.

Sooner or later it usually happens; Oma got picked up on a B & E charge. He was coming out of transit warehouse with a sack load of rations. The responding officers weren’t expecting a group of kids, so Oma kept them occupied trying to fast talk his way out of it as the younger kids snuck out the back with what they could carry. He was put in jail for a couple months and registered in the system as a delinquent. Upon release he was assigned a welfare caseworker whom he was supposed to meet with twice a month and report on his progress towards becoming a “contributing member of society”. He maintained only token contact after a few months.

That was until his psychic powers emerged, or “ruptured” as the Famli would talk about it afterward. His began to get irritable and emotionally unstable, feeding off of what the others were feeling, and his reactions would increase theirs. It was a recursive loop that highlighted in a warehouse full of angry and frightened children until the feedback made Oma pass out.

It was a dangerous time for Oma. He fled the Famli, afraid of any harm he might bring to them, and afraid of what was happening to him. He was unable to block the thoughts and emotions of others from invading his own, and the contact usually left the other worse off then they started. He turned to the only other person he knows that could possibly help him.= His welfare worker helped Oma with his parapsychic registration in exchange for his agreeing to attend some classes to help train his abilities. His abilities were classified as Dangerous and Invasive. In typical Nazzadi style, Oma marked himself in tribal tattoos showing “Dangerous” on the inside of one forearm, and “Invasive” on the other. Once he got a handle on his abilities, and satisfied the social order, Oma dropped from view into the Barrens. He learned to put his new mental faculties to use in grifting for money and food, and the The Famli thrived.

However he got cocky and after a display of hubris, Oma was collared by the authorities while making a show of his psychic abilities. The nature of his crime had him on the brink of incarceration as a non-human and survival was looking bleak. While in holding, a well dressed man came to visit him with an offer from the OIS. Come put his abilities to work for the OIS, and the charges against him will disappear. Feeling him out, the agent felt confident and honest, even hopeful, so Oma agreed.

He still maintains his association with the Famli. His job allows him to support the kids on the street with food and clothing, and they see him as something of a patriarch, a role that he takes seriously.


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