Leopold Meyer

Leopold Meyer is a grizzled veteran Los Angeles Arcology detective.


Leopold Meyer is a grizzled veteran Los Angeles Arcology detective. Sick and tired of the same old daily grind dealing with the low-lives and degenerates of the Arcology society, he decides to get into more specialized cases. “Dealing with weirdos” as he likes to call it. He has been part of a specialized cult taskforce within the (LAA PD??) for the past few years. Because of dealing with the scum of society on a daily basis, and now more recently dealing with cultists and extremists, he has a very cynical and morbid outlook on life. Everyone in the department calls him a prejudiced dinosaur. He profiles and everyone knows it- he has been “talked to” about his lack of political correctness several times, threatened with suspension, fines, even being fired. Leo and the boss men know it won’t stop, for the most part because no matter how he’s criticized, his record speaks for its self. Yes, he profiles- he’s always right in his assessments too.

During the last few years of his life as a detective, the seeming futility of solving cases which seem to repeat themselves – different people, different settings, same old (stupid) situations- or cleaning up the Arcology in general have led to escalating frustration. Known for his cold, calculating, and ruthless interrogations, Leo had never let his emotions get the better of him. That is until the frustration got the best of him. That outburst almost cost him his badge. The Nazzadi eventually got out of the ICU, but is no better off than a quadriplegic. Leo is suspended for a time along with mandatory anger management counseling. Even with the counseling, he usually roughs up those he interrogates (at least not where he can get caught.)

This self destructive behavior is in conflict with his upbringing. Leo comes from a family of cops. For generations, as far back as anyone can remember, the men in the Meyer family have been cops. Some say that their heritage dates back as far as the Swiss Guards. This strains his relationship with his dad who is still living in the LA Arcology. Leo’s father frowns strongly on his son’s behavior and tactics.

Leo’s goals in life are to live to serve and protect the citizens and to “clean up the streets” of the Los Angeles Arcology. (His way)

Leopold Meyer

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